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The Windows 10 Taskbar

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Move the taskbar

You can move the taskbar to different locations on your screen to suit what works best for you. To move it, right click the taskbar and uncheck the Lock all taskbars option. Then you can click and drag it to the top or either side of the screen. Most people have the taskbar on the bottom part of the screen.

Create more space

If you use the taskbar a lot to make accessing items easier, you might want to clean it up and create more space.

By default, the Search box (powered by Cortana) takes up a lot of space on the taskbar. But the good thing is you can make it smaller, to just a button, or to remove it completely.

  1. Hide the Task View button
  1. Unpin items from taskbar or add a toolbar.

Enable Desktop Peek

If you have a lot of windows open and just want to get a quick look at what’s on your desktop, you can hover the mouse in the lower right of the taskbar to get a clear look at things. You can click on it to close all of those open windows and click it again to relaunch them.

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