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Sorting Deleted Items folder by date deleted

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Accidentally deleted an email and you can’t remember the date it was originally sent to you? Follow the steps below to sort your Deleted Items folder.

Sorting your Deleted Items folder by Modified Date

You can sort your Deleted Items folder by the Modified Date in the following way:

  1. Go to Deleted Items folder.
  2. On the top ribbon bar, click View tab then select View Settings.
    outlook deleted items
  3. Click Columns… on Advanced View Settings dialog box.
    advanced view setting
  4. Select Date/Time fields from the Select Available columns from drop-down menu.
  5. Under Available columns select Modified then click Add to put move it at the bottom list of Show these columns in this order Click OK to continue.
    modified columns
  6. Back to the Advanced View Settings dialog box, click Sort.
    advance view setting compact view
  7. Under Select available fields from drop-down menu, select Date/Time fields.
  8. Select Modified under Sort items by drop-down menu.
  9. Click the radio button beside Descending.
    sort in windows
  10. Click OK to proceed.


Tech Tip – Sort Outlook Deleted Items by Date Deleted

Sorting the Deleted Items folder by Date Deleted

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