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Sophos Firewall: Configure SSL VPN for Android devices using OpenVPN

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OpenVPN Connect can be used to establish an SSL VPN connection between any Android Device and the Sophos Firewall. This article describes the steps to configure an SSL VPN on your Android device using OpenVPN

Product and Environment

  • Sophos Firewall
  • Android device


You must first configure SSL VPN on Sophos Firewall Web Admin. For more information, go to Configure remote access SSL VPN with Sophos Connect client.

Configuring SSL VPN for Android devices using OpenVPN

1. Download and install the OpenVPN application and install it on your Android device.

2. Download the SSL VPN client configuration.

3. From the browser, sign in to the user portal using Sophos Firewall’s public IP address and the user portal HTTPS port.

4. In this example, the user portal is accessible at
5. Once signed in to the portal, download the SSL VPN client/configuration to a location on your device.

 6. Import the SSL VPN Configuration to the OpenVPN application.

 7. Launch the OpenVPN Connect and select the third option OVPN Profile

8. Import the downloaded .ovpn file. It will show you the public IP plus the username via which you will try to connect.

9. Click the option to connect and a virtual IP will be leased to the phone with the status Connected.

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