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Setup a contact group

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If you regularly send emails to a group of people like for a team project, create a contact group in Outlook so you can email the contact group instead of sending individual emails.

How to setup a contact group

To create or setup a contact group, follow these steps:

  1. Select People icon within the bottom left-hand corner.
    outlook inbox indication
  2. Under Home, click New Contact Group.
    outlook add new contact group
  3. Type in a name for your new contact group.
  4. Under Contact Group, click Add Members drop-down button and select one of the three options:

    outlook add members

    • From Outlook Contacts
    • From Address Book
    • New E-mail Contact
  5. In this example, we will add members through From Outlook Contacts. To select multiple, hold down the Ctrl key as you choose members.

    select members through contacts

  6. Click Members, then click OK.


Create a contact group

Create a Contact Group (local distribution list) in Outlook 2016 for Windows

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