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Save and reuse content in Word with Quick Parts

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Quick Parts are referred to as building blocks frequently used text saved in Gallery from which it can be inserted into a document. This helps users save time by researching old documents, copy and paste it on a new word document. It also helps recycle content in business documents by creating and using building blocks.

Here’s how to create Quick Parts and how to use an existing one.

Creating Standard Formatting (Quick Parts)

  1. Enter text that needs to be saved in Formatting, and then highlight it.
  1. On the Navigation Pane, click the Insert tab.
  1. On the right-hand side of the Insert tab, click on Quick Parts.
  1. Select Quick Parts then highlight AutoText and select Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.
  1. A new window will appear. Give a name to your Quick Parts and select a category (it usually shows General). Click OK to save.

How to change the content of Quick Parts

  1. Create a new building block for your new Quick Parts. Make sure to highlight all the text. In this example, it will show how to change the entire Quick Parts.

Note: If you add some important text on an existing Quick Parts, just click where you want to insert the building block.

  1. Click on the Insert tab icon and locate Quick Parts.
  1. Click Quick Parts, then AutoText and select Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.

Note: Make sure that you know the name of the Quick Parts that needs to be changed or updated.

  1. Type the exact name of the Quick Parts that need to be updated. After filling out the fields, click OK.
  1. Another window will appear, then click Yes. Quick Parts should be redefined or updated.

Add a Quick Parts to a document

  1. On a blank document, select Insert on the navigation pane.
  1. Select Quick Parts, then AutoText.
  1. Select your preferred Quick Parts and it will automatically be added to your documents.

How to use Quick Parts and AutoText in Word

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