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So what is Passwordless Authentication and why should you use it?

Passwordless Authentication removes the need for you to enter a password and respond to a second-factor prompt each time you need to log into a Microsoft 365 app. Instead, Microsoft’s implementation of Passwordless Auth prompts you to match one of three numbers using the Microsoft Authenticator app at the exact time you need to login, this combines entering in your password the multifactor authentication prompt into a simple process.

The prerequisite for Passwordless Auth is your organisation has enabled the feature and you have the Microsoft Authenticator App setup for 2FA on your Phone with your work’s Microsoft account setup. If you don’t have that setup you can head to our Guide Register for 2FA – Microsoft Authenticator – RODIN to get that sorted first and reach out to Rodin support if you need Passwordless Auth enabled for your organisation.

Enabling Passwordless Authentication.

  1. On your phone Open Microsoft Authenticator
  2. Expand out your work account,
  1. Select enable phone sign in.
  1. If you receive the prompt that requests More information required, follow the steps to proceed. E.g Setup a pin code on your phone.
  2. Once you have completed the setup successfully you will now see the top line shows “Passwordless Enabled”
  3. Back on your Computer, You now need to change your sign-in method from Password to Phone sign in. The next time you sign in, enter in your email address and when prompted for your password select Use an app instead
  1. You will now see a number that you need to match to the notification that was received on your phone, showing 3 choices.



  1. Match the number that shows in the login prompt to your phone, in this case, it was 46 so select that on your phone, press Approve, and that’s it, you are signed in.

Passwordless sign-in with the Microsoft Authenticator app – Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

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