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Register for 2FA – Microsoft Authenticator

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Before you begin, you will need to install the Authenticator App on your phone

Microsoft Authenticator - Android Apps on Google Play
Microsoft Authenticator on the App Store

The mobile authenticator app is easier to use and is considered more secure than an SMS text message. However, SMS text message is also an option in case the app is not available.

How to Configure the Microsoft Authenticator app

Once Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been activated for your Office 365 account, you will need to login to the Office 365 online portal page at:

After you sign-in, you will see a prompt that says More information required. Simply click Next. If you are not prompted then you can also visit

Computer: Read the instructions on the screen and click Next.

Mobile device: Open the Authenticator app on your mobile phone.

Mobile device: If prompted, Allow notifications. Then add an account, and select Work or school account.

Pair the device using the QR code

Mobile device: Point your phone’s camera at the computer screen to capture the QR code that is displayed by Microsoft in the web browser. This will tie your Microsoft account to the app on your mobile device.

Computer: After you have scanned the code successfully, click Next. Microsoft will now send a push notification to your mobile device.

Mobile device: Tap Approve when you receive the notification.

Computer: After the notification is approved, click Next.

Add a second verification option

You must also configure a secondary verification method, in case you lose access to the mobile app. For example, you could register a mobile number, where you receive SMS text messages.

Whether you choose the option for Phone or the Microsoft App it will send you a code that you must input to complete the process.

When finished, click Done.

Initiate a new sign-in

Attempt to sign-in to Office 365 again in a new web browser. After entering the correct password, you should receive a push notification on your mobile device. Tap Approve.

If you receive the prompt again that says More information required, just click Next to review the selections you already made, and ensure they look correct and complete.

To update your security information

You can always access and update this information by visiting

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