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Register for Two Factor – SMS

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When accessing Office 365/Outlook (email) services, you will be prompted with the following. Please follow the steps in this guide to successfully register for 2FA.

Register for Two Factor – SMS

At this stage, selecting “Skip for now (14 days until this is required)” will allow you to bypass the registration and continue working.

NOTE: Post 14 days you will be FORCED to register for 2FA. It is important this process is completed by ALL users when possible. This will allow the RODIN technicians to assist if needed and not be flooded with support tickets and phone calls when the policy is enforced.

When you are ready, select “Next”

Log in to Microsoft

Here you will have the option to setup either an application on your smart phone – “Microsoft Authenticator” or register your mobile number to receive a SMS when authenticating.

Select “I want to setup a different method”

Microsoft Authenticator
Keep your account secure
Keep your account safe
Keep your account safe - text a code
Enable 2FA

Keeping account safe
Keeping your account safe and secure

The next time you go to access and Office 365 services (including Outlook for your email), you will need to authenticate with a code sent to your nominated mobile phone. You can also select the option “Don’t ask again for 14 days” to minimise the amount of times you need to authenticate with the second factor.

Confirm 2FA

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