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OneDrive see files shared with you

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The Shared with me view shows you files that others have shared with you.

After someone shares a file with you, that file will automatically appear in the Shared or Shared with Me list.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Shared > Shared with me.
    Screenshot of the Shared with me view in OneDrive for Business on the web

  2. To sort or group the items by column, click a column and select an option from the drop-down list. For example, click the Date shared column and then select Older to newer or Group by Date shared.
    Screenshot of soring by column in the Shared with me view in OneDrive for Business

  3. To filter the items shown in the view, click the Filters icon above the list.
    Screenshot of fitering the Shared with me view in OneDrive for Business

    • Under Filters, you can:

      • Move the Modified anytime slider between Oldest and Today to select a date range when files were last modified.

      • Select file types to filter on, such as Excel or Photos and videos.

      • Under People, enter the name or email address of a person who has shared with you.


  • Any items shared with you for which the permission was set to Anyone with the link can view and edit won’t appear in your Shared with me view, even if the person entered your email address when they shared the item.

  • Files that were shared with you before September 2017 will be missing information in the Date shared and Shared by columns.

Access your shared files by going to, then log in using your work or school account. Click Shared to access files shared to you.

office 365 share option

Access shared files through desktop versions of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

In this example, we launched Excel desktop app. As soon as the app is launched, click Shared with Me to see shared Excel files. You may do the same with Word and PowerPoint.

excel shared with me overview

You can find files that are popular in your organization at the top of the Shared With Me view in the “Popular around me” section. “Popular around me” helps you easily access files that your colleagues are working on and keep up to date with the trending files in your organization.

Note: You might not see the “Popular around me” section, depending on your organization. Only files that you already have access to appear under “Popular around me.” A minimum of 3 items and a maximum of 8 items appear at a time and what appears will update periodically. 


If you no longer want or need access to a file or folder that’s been shared with you, you can remove it.

  1. In the OneDrive website, from the left side navigation, select Shared.

  2. Select the file or files you want to remove from the Shared list, then select Remove from shared list.

Tip: When you remove an item from your Shared list, you still have permissions to it. You can return an item to your Shared list if you use its link again. Ask the item owner for the link if you can’t find it..

Note: That the Shared view is not a separate folder – you cannot move items out of it into your Files view. You can copy the shared file to your Files view, but any changes you make to the saved copy will not be reflected in the original file, so no one else with access to the original file will see your changes.

Also, if the owner of the original file revokes your access or deletes the original file, it will disappear from your Shared view.

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