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We all have a lot of things to do, across both our personal and work lives. Our day is packed with tasks and unless we write these tasks down, we may forget them, sometimes even the most important ones.

Microsoft To Do is an application that will help you organise your tasks. It can be accessed on any device, including phone, tablet, or computer, making it easy to access tasks no matter where you are.

How to access Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do can be accessed through Office 365 ( It will ask you to sign in using your company email address and password. In some cases, it will automatically go through to the home page of Office 365.

Note: If To Do is not on the list, click on All apps →.

Getting started with Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do can have my lists and different tasks. You can create a list according to your needs to help stay organised. Here’s how to add a list and a task.

  • Select New list, then type the preferred name of the list.
  • Click Add a task on the right after creating lists.
  • Type the task that you need to add on the selected list.

You may add more information for the task. For example, adding a step, due date, notes and even attach a file. You may also set a reminder for a task and can configure it to repeat the task. These options are available through the right side panel of the task.

Let’s look at the example below:

In the given example, the user added steps on specific task. This helps you learn more about the task and what actions are required to do to complete it. Users can tag steps as complete by selecting the radio button. The star icon will mark as important.

The user may add a reminder. It helps them remember what tasks they need to complete. Adding due date will also be helpful, especially if the task was shared with a colleague or family member. This prompts the user and other members to have a sense of urgency when finishing a task. Let’s check the example screenshot below:

How to share a task on Microsoft To Do

A user can select a specific task that needs to be shared within the organisation. Select Share and it will generate a link. They can send the sharing link to their colleague using their preferred messaging or emailing app.

The selected member can access the link once they receive it. It will ask them to sign in to their Office 365 account, and then their names will appear on Assign to list on Microsoft To Do. The user who sent the shared link can start assigning task or steps based on the name showed on the list.

Planner and To Do integration

To Do and Planner are both applications that have an ability to create tasks. Planner is used as a group tool and To Do is used as an individual tool. The new integration for both applications will help to avoid gap between the individual and group tasks. Tasks that are assigned in Planner will show in To Do under Assigned to you list.

How to connect Planner and To Do

The first step is to enable the Planner connectivity within To Do.

  • Go to Settings > To Do Settings.
  • A new window will appear. Scroll down and look for Connected apps. Click on the radio button to turn on the connection between the Planner and To Do.

To check, access Planner then try to assign a task. This should be shown on Microsoft To Do.

Access Microsoft To Do. This task should show on the Assign to you tan. Once a Planner task is added on To Do, the user has the ability to add a step, add to My Day, put a reminder or due date. All of these options are available on the right-side panel of the task.

Flagged email on Microsoft To Do

Flagged email can be accessed in To Do as a task. In order to start using this feature, it should be enabled first in Microsoft To Do.

Let’s see the example below:

  • User received an email about the new task. User can click on the flag icon showing on the email.
  • Go to Microsoft To Do, then check the Flagged email section. The subject to the flagged email will be shown as the task name.
  • On the right-side panel, you will see the email text of the flagged email. There’s also an option to open the original email by clicking Open in Outlook. Items in Flagged email can be renamed, add due dates and reminders, add on My Day, and also mark as important.

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