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Microsoft Search in Office is the fastest way to locate and access your Office apps, files, people, or sites. It also provides some recommendations in your work to help you work smarter on your task and actions. Let’s find out more about the Microsoft Search in Office.

Each Office application has a search box at the title bar. This search bar helps you to find the information that you need – definitions, images, and websites. You can also use the shortcut Alt + Q to access Microsoft Search box. It should recall previous commands and suggest other actions.

Use the Search in Office apps to spot hard-to-find commands. Use it to insert useful tools in your document. Additionally, it helps you work faster by identifying the right tasks to be completed.

You can also type questions about the application. The search box will display the option Get help on. It should display useful articles to answer your questions on the left side of the application.

Sometimes you need to work with your colleagues to complete your work. Search in Office will help you find your colleagues to share the document with them. It makes easy for both of you to request additional information when needed.

The search box allows you to reuse related documents, such as presentations, word documents or workbooks. It will provide a list of files that matches your search. Remember only those files that you have permissions will appear in the search results.

Find Search in

Access and log in using your work email address and password.

Search is located on the top part of the Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Search will initially give some suggested search results based on previous activity in Office 365. This will change when you type the specific item in the search bar. Office 365 application will give your suggestion by the time you click on the search bar. Some results are apps, files, peoples, and sites.

If you can’t find the exact information on the results or suggested list, you can press Enter to open the search result page and explore all the possible results.

This will give you some relevant results, which you can use on your task or activity. This will include some files, sites, people, or news. If you will be working on your file, you can just type “my files” and it will show you the 10 most recent files that you worked on. Aside from that, you can also pull up files of your colleague as long as you have permission to access it. Just put in the name of colleague followed by the word “file.”

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