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Microsoft Planner is a work management application included in most Office 365 subscription. It allows you to organise projects, share files, assign tasks, and chat with other collaborators. Microsoft Planner integrates directly to Office 365 such as OneNote and Outlook. You can use Planner as both a group and as individuals to create plans, organise, and assign tasks to different users. Let’s discuss how to access Planner and its features.

How to access Microsoft Planner

  1. Go to Log in using your company email address and password, then click app launcher.
  1. Click Planner.

Note: If you can’t locate Planner, click All apps →.

  1. You are now on Microsoft Planner home page.

On the left side of the Microsoft Planner, you will see New plan, Planner hub, and My tasks. There’s also a drop-down list for Favorites and Recent plans.

Note: To add a specific plan to your Favorites, click on the star icon beside the title of the plan.

There are three tabs on the right side of Microsoft Planner: Board, Charts, and Schedule.

  • Board – List of plans, buckets, and tasks are usually under the Board tab.
  • Charts – Charts tab shows how your plan is progressing with details about what’s done, in progress, not started, and late.
  • Schedule – The calendar viewing of the task of a specific plan.

How to create a new plan

  1. On the Microsoft Planner home page, click Create a plan or New plan on the left-panel side.
  1. A new window will appear. Type in the the name of the plan, select Privacy type, and add description under Options, then click Create plan.
  1. An email notification will be sent after creating a new plan.

How to create a new bucket

A bucket is a column in every plan that a user created and included in group of tasks. Here’s how to create a bucket:

  1. Rename “To do” under the existing plan. To rename, click on the field then type the preferred title. Press Enter to save.
  1. Click Add new bucket and type the preferred name of the new bucket.

How to create a new task

  1. Your newly created plan will provide where you can put a new task. If a field doesn’t appear, click on plus icon to add a new task.
  1. Type necessary information on the fields available, set a due date, and then assign a user.
  1. Click Add Task to save the task.
  1. Click + Add task to add more task.

The person assigned to the task will receive an email notification.

Working on task

When working on a task, you can change the urgency status of it into In progress.

  1. Click My tasks on the left panel.
  1. Selecting a task will open a new window. You can change the status or priority and start date. You can also add an attachment with a comment on it.
  1. Click Send once done.
  1. The task will be moved to In progress.

Adding User in Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner allows a group of people to update and work on a task. Here’s how to add a user and how it will affect a specific task.

  1. Click on Members drop down option on the Planner home page.
  1. Type the name of the user and select to add it to the plan. The user will then receive an email notification about the plan.

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