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Microsoft MyAnalytics is an application that helps organisations measure employee productivity and efficiency. It provides insight on how employees spend their time on a task or activity. It analyses the information from employee/user behaviour and their interactions with other Office 365 applications (which focuses on email, calendar and files). It is available for all Office 365 subscriptions. Here’s how MyAnalytics works and how it helps its users.

How to access MyAnalytics

  1. Go to and log in using your company email address and password.
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  1. Click App launcher icon on Office 365 home page (on the upper left corner).
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  1. Click on all apps and select MyAnalytics.
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The MyAnalytics dashboard will provide details about the previous month’s productivity (via graphs and statistics). This includes focus and collaboration which captures the days you’re disconnected from work and how well you connect with your colleague/s.

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The MyAnalytics dashboard has four sections: Focus, Wellbeing, Network, and Collaboration. These sections provide useful insights to help the user increase focus to improve work-life balance and professional relationships.


Focus section helps the user understand how much they have to collaborate with others in an organisation. It shows graph per week to help the user adjust and set a plan to improve their focus. Additionally, users also have the option to silence the chat in Teams and Skype to do and focus on more important task.

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Wellbeing section shows how a user spends their time off (including after hours, day-offs, and planned leaves).

  • Provides suggestions to relieve stress.
  • Measures the “quiet days” of an employee who doesn’t collaborate with colleagues outside work days (including reading emails, email replies, answering phone calls, meetings, and chat). Quiet days consist of “day-off,” “planned leave,” and “after-hours” because they are intended to use for non-work-related activities.
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Network section shows several people actively connected by the user in the last month, it also shows how a user spent their time with people and groups interact via email, meetings, calls, and chats. This section provides suggestions to help user improve connections with their manager and other direct reports.

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Collaboration section shows how much time you spend in emails, chat, calls, and meetings. It has graphical representation showing the percentage of availability for focus and collaborations. This section also shows how the user read and replied on instant message (chat) or emails, and how the user performed during meetings.

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Outlook Insights

Outlook Insights is an extension of Microsoft Outlook that helps users gain more time to focus on developing meaningful work relationships and improve overall work-life balance.

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Benefits of using Outlook Insights:

  • Helps users gain control of their time.
  • Provides insights for upcoming meetings.
  • Helps users become organised in terms of sticking to the planned schedule in their calendar.
  • Reminds users to respond on an important email.
  • Reminds users about the task they need to do and respond.

Outlook Insights results and information are available to the user only (not even his/her manager or administrator can access it).

Note: If you’re using Outlook web app, you need to open an email to access Insights.

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To pin Insights into the quick access pane:

  1. Click Settings (gear icon).
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  1. Select View all Outlook settings. - Email
  1. A new window will appear. Click Mail > Customize actions.
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  1. Tick “Insights” box on the checklist, then click Save.
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Learn more about Microsoft MyAnalytics:
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