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Microsoft Bookings can help you publish a company calendar online, allowing customers to book appointments. All businesses that rely on an appointment will be able to benefit from this tool. This application is available with certain plans for Office 365.
Microsoft Bookings can simplify how customers schedule and manage their appointments. Customers can visit the company’s website to book for an appointment at their convenience. They can choose their preferred schedule of appointment, service they need, and even select staff to do the service. This will help the business to decrease the number of no shows. Let’s start publishing a calendar online using Microsoft Bookings.

Setting up Microsoft Bookings:
1.Accessing Microsoft Bookings: Certain Office 365 subscription can have access to Microsoft Bookings. Go to to access it and click on the app launcher icon. Users can select Microsoft Bookings on the list.
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2. Review and enter business information: Business owners should be able to provide company details such as business name, address, phone number, website URL, and what kind of services they provide.

3.Scheduling Policies. In Microsoft bookings, users can set their schedule policies for their business. This includes the length of appointments, acceptable lead and cancellation times and automatic notification of bookings changes.

4. Define the service. The customer needs to know the service that the business offers. It helps them choose the best employee to provide that service to the customer. Defining the service means adding a description of the service, location, duration and fees. You can also tag the employees who are qualified to provide the services.

5. Create a Staff list. Microsoft Bookings can be used to create and manage staff schedules. It helps customers know their availability to do the service. When creating a staff list — you should include the name of staff, email address and phone/mobile number. A notification will be sent to show your staff’s time frame availability.

6. Set employee working hours. Be sure to indicate the correct available time of your staff. It means customers don’t create appointment bookings that conflict with your staff’s schedule.

7. Scheduling business closure, time off and vacation time. We cannot prevent employees from taking leave. Businesses may close down to give way to events and the holidays. In Bookings, employers can indicate whether their staff or business isn’t open in specific days. So, it follows that upon the resume of business, everyone gets listed in the booking page.

NOTE: A message prompt will appear on the booking page if a customer attempts to book during the office closed.

8.Publish a booking page. Publishing Microsoft Bookings page let the customer schedule appointments online. Use the booking page tab in Microsoft Booking to publish your page.

Open published page option can be used to check how the Bookings page looks like, it can also be shared with others. Scheduling policy section can help the customer book services. This can be connected to the Facebook business page by adding “Book now” button.

To manage your bookings on the go, download Booking on your app store.


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