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Import Photos From External Device With Windows 10

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The built-in software in Windows 10 easily fetches photos from nearly any make and model of digital camera, as well as most smartphones. It even lets you group your camera’s photo sessions into different folders, each named after the event.

To import photos from your camera or smartphone into your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the phone or camera’s cable into your computer.
    • Select a cable that plugs into your computer. For smart phones, your USB charging cable handles the job.
data cable icon
  1. Turn on your phone or camera and wait for File Explorer to recognize it.
    • From your smart phone, select Photos on the notification bar.
    • Click File Explorer > This PC to access storage devices available to your PC.
window's this pc overview selecting vivo 1920 camera
  1. Right-click your camera or phone, choose Import pictures and videos from the pop-up menu, and choose how to import your photos.
import picture and videos
  1. There will be two options to choose on how you would like to import your photos and videos.
import picture and video view
  • Review, organize, and group items to import: Designed for cameras holding photos from several sessions, this option lets you sort your photos into groups, copying each group to a different folder. Windows examines the time and date you snapped each of your photos. Then the program tentatively separates your photos into groups for your approval.
import pictures and videos settings
  • Import all new items now: Designed for cameras holding only one photo session, this much simpler approach copies every photo into one folder. By clicking this, it will initiate transferring all photos and videos.
importing picture and videos

Note: You can select Erase after importing check box to free up space on your camera for more photos.

  1. When Windows finishes importing your photos, it will then display the folder containing your new pictures.

How to Import Photos with Windows 10

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