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How to use ThreatLocker

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What is ThreatLocker

ThreatLocker is a security program its role is to block unapproved applications, extensions and scripts from running on a protected computer. ThreatLocker also will block access to unapproved External Storage devices. These security measures help protect computers and environments by restricting what can and cannot run, allowing only approved programs and external storage devices to interact with the workstation.

If you need access to open a blocked program or access external storage you can follow the steps below to submit a request via ThreatLocker or raise a ticket with the helpdesk.

Requesting access to new application or USB drive

When you try to install a program that is not permitted, Threatlocker will pop up and say that the program has been blocked and give you two options.


If you choose ‘Don’t show again’ you will no longer receive a popup when trying to run this program; it will be silently blocked. if you need to run the app after choosing don’t show again you will need to raise a ticket with Rodin Support

If you need to run the application choose ‘Request Access’, and the request window will appear.


Once you have filled out the request form with the reason you need to run the application and your email, click ‘Send Request’.


The email address field is optional, however, it filling it in will let you know once your request has been approved.

If your application also needs to be installed on your computer and you don’t have Administration permissions you will need to contact the Rodin Helpdesk to arrange for install. 

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