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How to upload documents to SharePoint on the web

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When you store your documents in Office 365, documents are backed up and secured in the cloud that you can access from any device at any time.  

There are three ways to upload documents to SharePoint:

  • Upload
  • Drag and drop
  • Sync


  1. Open the SharePoint site library then click Upload > Files.

  2. Select a file that you want to upload then click Open.

  3. Your file will be stored in SharePoint site library.

Drag and drop

  1. Open the SharePoint site library.

  2. On your PC, click Start and search for File Explorer.

  3. Navigate to the folder with the documents that you want to upload.

  4. Drag the document from File Explorer and drop to the SharePoint library.

  5. File will be uploaded and stored in SharePoint.


Use Sync when you have a lot of files, including folders to upload.

  1. Go to the SharePoint site library then click Sync.

  2. Click Open Microsoft OneDrive on the dialog box that will appear to proceed.

  3. Your files and folders from SharePoint site will be synchronized to File Explorer.

  4. When you upload or delete a file or folder from File Explorer, it will also be uploaded or deleted from SharePoint on the web and vice versa.

In this example, we deleted a folder from File Explorer and the folder also got deleted from SharePoint on the web.



Upload files and folders to a library

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