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How to swap the Fn (Function) and Ctrl (Control) keyboard keys – Lenovo

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This article will show you how to swap the Fn (Function) and Ctrl (Control) keys of the keyboard using the Keyboard Manager or by configuring the BIOS.

Change settings in Keyboard Manager

  1. Open Control Panel. Some keyboards will open Keyboard Manager by pressing F11.

  2. Change the view from Category to Large icons or Small icons.

  3. Select Lenovo – Keyboard Manager and the Keyboard Manager window should be displayed.

  4. Select Fn key and Ctrl key swap tab.

  5. Set the Swap function to On or Off.

Configuring BIOS feature

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Enter system BIOS for the following:
  3. Go to Config > keyboard/mouse > Fn and Ctrl Key swap.

To enter The BIOS Setup Utility in Windows 8 and Windows 10, you may click this link to watch a short video.


How to swap the Fn (Function) and Ctrl (Control) keyboard keys in BIOS

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