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How to share my Outlook folders

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You may want to allow other users in your company to be able to view or manage your Outlook folders. You can do this by granting access to your Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and any other folder or subfolder.

How to share my folder

  1. Right-click your mailbox name and select Folder Permissions.
Web page - Website
  1. On the dialog box, click Add to select a user to have permission to access your folder.
Microsoft Outlook - Office 365
  1. Type the name of the user that you want to share your folder with then click OK.
Web page - Home page
  1. Click the drop-down option to the right of Permission Level to set permissions.
Computer program - Web page
  1. Click Apply.
calendar - Microsoft Outlook

How to share a folder

  1. Right click on the folder you wish to share, then select Properties.
Line - Paper
  1. Click Permissions tab.
Screenshot - Line
  1. Click Add to select a user you would like to share your mail folder with.
Screenshot - Email
  1. Choose a user from the list then click OK.
Group Policy - XenServer
  1. Select Permission Level from the drop-down option.
Web page - Computer program
  1. Click Apply after setting permissions.
Screenshot - Line
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