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How to keep a MacBook on when lid is closed

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When you close the lid of your laptop, it normally goes to sleep. In this article, we would provide steps if you wanted to keep your laptop on when its lid is closed.

How to Prevent Apple Laptops From Sleeping When Closed

  1. Click the Apple menu, then select System Preferences.
  1. Click Energy Saver.
AirPods Pro - MacBook Air
  1. Select Power Adapter tab, then set the Turn display after slider to Never.
  1. Connect your MacBook to a power source, an external keyboard, a mouse, and an external monitor.
  1. Then close your MacBook lid after the computer desktop appears on the external display. Provided you’ve connected an external keyboard, mouse or both, the external display continues to display, and your Mac doesn’t go to sleep.


How to Keep Your Laptop On When it’s Closed
How to Prevent Apple Laptops From Sleeping When Closed

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