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How to book an Equipment Room in Outlook

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If you have a conference room, company car, or equipment that everyone needs to use, then you need to come up with a way to make those resources bookable to everyone. The best way to do that is to create a room or equipment mailbox in Microsoft 365 for each resource. You might create one for your first-floor conference room, media equipment, or a moving truck.

Once you create a room or equipment mailbox, everyone in the company can reserve it for meetings or events using Outlook. Learn how to use it and how to set it up on the next two tabs. Here are some other common questions about room and equipment mailboxes.

How do I add a Resource Mailbox room or equipment to a meeting

  1. Launch Outlook and under the Home tab, choose New Items > Meeting.

Alternatively, you can select Calendar, then click New meeting.

  1. In the To field, type the name of the conference room or equipment that you want to reserve, in addition to any attendees whom you want to invite. Otherwise, click To and double-click the conference room or equipment from the list. Click OK.
  1. In the Subject line, type the purpose of the reservation or meeting.
  2. Change the Location (if necessary).
  3. Change the Start time and End time or choose All day event. To make the meeting or reservation repeat, choose Recurrence at the top.
  1. Type a message describing the purpose and attach any files if needed.
  2. To make sure that the room, equipment, and people whom you have invited are available, choose Scheduling Assistant at the top. Select an available time in the calendar.
  1. Choose Send when finished.

Room and equipment mailboxes
Using Room and Equipment Calendars in Outlook
How do I add a Resource Mailbox room or equipment to a meeting?

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