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Create a task from a Teams message

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With the ability to create a task directly from a message in Teams, you can capture that important thought, to do item, or comment before it slips away. Convert any message into a task with the click of a button, and without the need for an additional app.

Creating a task

Access more options

Hover your mouse over any message in a Teams conversation and select the ellipses ()

See additional available actions

On the pop-out menu choose More actions > Create task

Select the options for your task

In the new window, fill in the details of your task and modify the options to meet your needs. The Create in selection will determine where the task is placed.

  • If you choose Tasks, this will add the task to a To Do list. You’ll be able edit the task name, priority, due date, and notes from this window.

  • If you choose a plan name, the task will be added to a Planner plan. You’ll be able to edit the task name, priority, due date, notes, progress, and bucket from this window.

With either selection, the task will also show up in the chat so others can see it too.

Your new task will show up in Tasks in Teams and the standalone To Do or Planner apps.

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