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Create a group in Outlook

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When you create a group, you create a central email address and place to collaborate. You can use this to provide an email address like sales or info that everyone can see and get emails from.

Here’s how to create a group:

  1. Open Outlook and select Home > New Group.
  2. Fill out the group information:
    create group in outlook
  • Group name: Create a name that captures the spirit of the group. Make sure to choose a wisely as it cannot be changed.
  • Description: This is optional. You may enter a description that will help others understand the group’s purpose. This description will be included in the welcome email when others join the group.
  • Sensitivity: Choose a sensitivity. Options available depend on what your organisation has set up.
  • Privacy: Groups are set as Private by default. Click the dropdown menu to change privacy.
    privacy options
    • Select Public to create a group where anyone within your organisation can view its content and become a member.
    • Select Private to create a group where membership requires approval and only members can view group content.
  1. Check the checkbox beside “Send all group email and events to members’ inboxes. They can change this setting later.optionally to enable members to see all group conversations and events in their inbox without having to visit separate group workspaces. Members can change this setting for their own mailboxes.
    create group to send a mail
  2. Click Create.

You will then be prompted to add members after clicking Create.


Create a group in Outlook

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