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Barracuda Cloud Archiver Email Restore Guide

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Browser Access

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter email address and select “Next”. NOTE: Password is synced to your Windows/365 credentials.
    barracuda sign in view
  1. Select “Archiver” from left hand side menu.
  1. This will open the “Archive Search” dashboard. From here you can do a basic search or select “Advanced” to enter criteria for a specific search to help filter results.
    message archive

  2. Emails that were imported from a previous archive solution can be found in the “Folders & Tags” tab.
  1. Select the PST file under the PST’s menu to access emails that were imported manually. Due to the import restrictions, you may find multiple PST files as they were required to be separated. The same search options are available to assist finding emails located in the PST files.
    archive search
  1. Once you found the email/s required, there are options to “Resend to Me” which will forward the email to your inbox as an attachment, as well as “Export Messages” which will download the email item/s to your computer in either PST or ZIP format.

    export messages

NOTE: You made need to check your Junk Email folder in Outlook when selecting “Resend to Me” and drag the item to your Inbox to access the attachment.

Outlook Add-in Access

Before continuing, please ensure you have the “Barracuda Networks” Outlook plug-in available. If this is not visible in Outlook, please contact RODIN Support.

  1. Click “Search Archive” in the toolbar.
  1. You will be prompted to connect to the Barracuda Cloud service. Ensure Barracuda Cloud Archiving is selected. Please enter the email address and password. NOTE: Password is synced to your Windows/365 credentials.
    barracuda archive search for outlook
  1. Once connected, the Barracuda Archive Search for Outlook will appear. From here you can search for archived emails stored in the Barracuda Cloud Archive. There is also the option for an “Advanced” search for additional filter options.
  1. Once you have found the email/s you want to “Restore” simply double click the item/s and they will open as email items.
    search for outlook
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