Acceptable Use Policy

Use of the RODIN Voice service is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy, which is set out in full below:

1. General

This policy is designed to protect the quality and integrity of the RODIN Voice service and in doing so ensure all customers receive fair and equitable access. We may depend on our Acceptable Use Policy in circumstances where your usage is deemed to be ‘unreasonable’ or ‘excessive’ as defined by us. We retain the right to vary the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy at our discretion from time to time.

2. Telephone Calls

2.1. Business Services

When we supply you a Service that is a business service, you must use the service in accordance with the following acceptable use policy:
On average, 95% of timed calls made from your service last no more than an hour.
We can collect information and investigate whether you are complying with the acceptable use policy. If we find that you aren’t, and you do not comply within 30 days of us telling you, we may change or suspend your Service.
The acceptable use policy is not intended to release RODIN from any obligation it has under any applicable legislation.

2.2. General Telephone Services

Our Acceptable Use Policy is intended to ensure that our customers do not use our Services in an excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent manner. Such usage may impact the reliable operation of our network and/or the quality or reliability of our services. Generally, legitimate use of our services for their intended purposes for which they are supplied to you will not breach our Acceptable Use Policy.
We can rely on our Acceptable Use Policy where we reasonably consider that you have used our Services in a way that is excessive or unreasonable (as set out below) or in the situations set out below under “Commercial use”.

2.3. Commercial use

The Services we make available are intended for ‘standard small to medium sized businesses’ operating within Australia.
Customers who use our services in their capacity as carriers or carriage service providers (or as suppliers of carriers or carriage service providers) must acquire services for such purposes under wholesale terms and conditions. The following clauses are intended to ensure that this occurs.

  • You must not resell or commercially exploit any of our services.
  • You must not re-route call traffic in order to disguise the originating party or for the purposes of resale.
  • You may not use our services in your capacity as a carrier or carriage service provider or as a party supplying services to a carrier or carriage service provider.
  • We can rely on our Acceptable Use Policy if we reasonably think that you have breached any of the previous clauses.
3. Unreasonable or Excessive Use

Without restricting what is meant by ‘unreasonable’ or ‘excessive’ RODIN will supply the service for the purpose of you making and receiving calls or faxes on our network.
We consider it unreasonable or excessive use of the service:

  • if you use a device that reroutes calls to/from our network or the network of another supplier;
  • if you operate a telephone based marketing business or call centre;
  • your usage of the service affects other customers’ access to the network;
  • you set up switch devices which overcome the subscription and/or pricing charges, potentially keeping a session open for hours and limiting the ability for other customers to access the service; or
  • you are re-supplying or reselling any service on our network.
3.2. Call Patterns

Certain activity and certain call patterns may indicate that your use of the service is not that of a ‘standard small to medium sized business’. Use of the service outside of what is typical of a ‘standard small to medium sized business’ is regarded as unreasonable use. You agree that RODIN may use its sole discretion to determine whether your use of the service is unreasonable. In contrast to the above sub-clauses we may in our absolute discretion give our consent to this type of behaviour, subject to conditions and in writing.

3.3. Equitable Access

We further consider your use of the service to be unreasonable if you reduce or limit the ability of other customers to access our network as you:

  • engage in the bridging of conference calls;
  • use the RODIN Voice service to link two or more communication devices together for the purposes of providing a permanent or semi-permanent circuit;
  • use the RODIN Voice service for any other purpose than the predominant function of person-to-person voice communication.
4. What we can do

If we reasonably believe that you are in breach of this Acceptable Use Policy, without reducing or restricting our rights under our Terms and Conditions, where we consider your use unreasonable we may:

  • suspend your access to that offer, or
  • suspend or cancel your Services:
  • immediately and without any prior warning or notice given to you.

Our right to suspend or cancel the RODIN Voice service without notice to you under this clause overrides any requirement we may have to give you notice in other parts of our Terms and Conditions.

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