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Alternative Email Archiving Solutions for Business

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Email archiving solutions for businessEmail archiving is the process of storing all incoming and outgoing business emails in an indexed, easily retrievable, read-only format. Archiving has become a critical component for business operations as a record of all email correspondence - which is now an accepted form of evidence for having something in writing, should it be required at a future time.

There are several reasons for businesses to have email archiving in place and in many cases it will be for regulatory compliance and for a record of all emails that cannot be edited by management or other staff members.

Apart from the compliance factors, there are other significant benefits of email archiving systems. These include:
•    The ability for all users to maintain every email they have ever sent or received without compromising the performance of the underlying email platform.
•    The ability to perform very high performance searches against a business’ lifetime storage of emails using sophisticated queries.
•    The ability to easily provide key individuals with controlled and rapid access to emails across all mailboxes.

Dedicated hardware and database software have usually been required for traditional archiving systems, making it a fairly expensive solution and time consuming for IT staff or business owners to maintain.

There are now some very good alternative cloud based archiving solutions that provide reduced costs, scalability and powerful features that reflect the changing needs of businesses over time. Another obvious advantage is the avoidance of needing the additional on-site hardware required for traditional systems.

The best cloud based email archiving services will include an integrated approach to managing email. There are providers of archiving solutions that will assist with managing email archiving and anti-spam as well as capabilities to centrally manage and deploy email signatures and legal disclaimers.

There may be worries about security and the service provider accessing sensitive company information or even security breaches whilst data is in transfer between the business and cloud provider. Reputable hosted email services will have several layers of security for their services and with a little time researching providers, their security and privacy policies should be easily accessible. Knowing exactly what security measures service providers have in place is an essential part of deciding to take on a cloud service.

As a whole, cloud based email archiving can offer many advantages over traditional systems that can simplify email management. We strongly recommend that businesses consider this solution when looking at ways to increase efficiency of managing their email.

Is Information Technology an Expense or a Profit Centre?

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Is information technology an expense or a profit centre?Every business owner would be familiar with the concept of an unavoidable expense, a "cost of doing business" that is simply a necessary part of their chosen industry. To many business owners, IT would be seen in this category - a cost that needs to be managed, and minimised.

As a relatively young industry, and an historically recent phenomenon, it is understandable that IT would be seen this way - after all, it is only within the last twenty years that IT has become an indispensable component of every business.

Today, how many business owners could deny that the smooth operation of their business is dependent on their IT systems?

Businesses today must facilitate contact with their customers through many media. We must provide service and advice that is immediate, and personalised. We must be efficient in our operations, and we must be available continuously. Each of these mandates depends on a reliable, functional, IT system.

Is it then safe to treat IT as merely a cost of doing business?

Our view is that IT can be seen as a source of business advantage, and direct profit.

Well designed and reliable IT systems allow a business to provide consistent service to its customers, assisting when demand peaks, and avoiding embarrassing "system related" delays.

The productivity of the largest expense of almost every business, people, can be improved and maintained by IT. The leverage of a well-designed I.T. system provides opportunities for businesses to innovate, and to distinguish themselves from their competition.

We say that a true business advantage can be gained by looking at IT as a key business input, rather than as an expense, and by investing in well designed and reliable IT systems, and in the expertise and experience that entails.


Partnering with IT Managers to Achieve Better Business Outcomes

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Partnering with IT Managers

20th February 2014

Having worked with a number of large companies over several years, RODIN has built a strong understanding of the challenges faced by internal IT Management teams. We know that IT Managers have many roles and responsibilities, and with technology changing so rapidly, the ability to adapt to change is a key requirement for achieving technology objectives.

Even with constant demands on IT Managers ever-increasing, they are still expected to focus on the high priority technology goals of the company; as well as manage day to day support and technical tasks required to maintain up-time of business systems.

In our dealings with internal IT Managers we have found that their high level knowledge and skills are better utilised in a strategic capacity, rather than dealing with the everyday responsibilities of IT functions.

IT Managers can claim back substantial amounts of time by handing over the tasks that would normally take them away from higher priority strategic work. Some of the common tasks that can be handed over include network monitoring, system maintenance, remote support, desktop support and new system upgrade projects.

There are many responsibilities we have managed for internal IT Management teams in our on-going partnerships with large companies. Some of the ways we free up IT Managers include:

  • Dealing with third party hardware and software suppliers to get the best deals and outcomes for our customers.
  • Advising on on-going system performance, design strategies for projects, new telephone systems and general communications.
  • Managing on-site and remote support for computer users.
  • Providing proactive network monitoring services as well as preventative maintenance and strategic planning.
  • Implementing projects managed by senior Network Engineers on schedule and within set budgets.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider also offers IT Managers the opportunity to significantly reduce the company’s IT spend. Managed Services Providers have access to sophisticated technologies to manage business systems, meaning the company has no need to spend on expensive tools themselves.

Another way Managed Services can reduce costs is by removing the need for the company to employ additional IT staff. The cost of a Managed Services Agreement would be a fraction of the cost of extra IT staff and comes with the advantage of being available 24/7, 365 days a year.  An MSP does not call in sick or go on leave.

RODIN’s success in managing the core IT functions for larger companies has been built on sustaining long term business relationships and thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers. We work with several large organisations alongside internal IT management in a range of industries from Engineering and Manufacturing, Vehicle Dealerships and Transport Services, through to Wholesale, Childcare and Not for Profit organisations.

IT Managers can achieve better technology and financial outcomes for their organisations when partnered with a Managed Services Provider that is aligned with the same business objectives.

Only 60 Days Remaining for Windows XP Support

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End of Windows XP Support7th February 2014

Back in October 2013, we posted about the looming deadline for Microsoft ending support for Windows XP. Well time has flown since then and we are now into the final 60 days of Microsoft maintaining support. The pending cut-off date is 8th of April, meaning businesses still running XP need to make some fast decisions to ensure they are transitioned to a supported operating system and have everything in place for this final date.



Why Cloud Services are a Great Match for Small Business

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Why Cloud Services are a Great Match for Small BusinessCloud Computing has been a buzzword in the technology world in recent years and the new technology offers small business many opportunities to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses. There are compelling reasons for SMBs to take up cloud services in one form or another, however some business owners naturally have concerns about security, ongoing costs and reliability of the services.

The security risks of cloud services are a very real concern and recent reports of high profile companies experiencing data breaches demonstrates that no business is safe without proper security measures in place. The reality is that cyber criminals are always waiting, ready to exploit security deficiencies of cloud based data. With this in mind, security is a key consideration when making the decision to move to the cloud - and not all service providers are equal in the level of security and privacy they provide.


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